Earlier we have covered articles on how to send/receive emails without GPRS on your mobile along with another Indian startup providing similar services for low end mobile phones. Now elaborating the same concept further to not just email, HP Labs India has introduced a new patent-pending technology to provide a custom packaged based web access to mobiles and even landlines having no internet access or GPRS.

Access Web on Your Mobile & Landline without GPRS or Internet Access

SiteOnMobile, is the online service by HP Labs India, though it is in invitation only and alpha mode and works in a defines way, as – Select your most accessed content on web -> SiteOnMobile package them as widgets – > Your web content is now accessible on mobiles and landline. On mobile its works through SMS and voice channel and on landline phones it works through voice channel.

This new technology by HP Labs however comes with few constraints as you cannot access all web content as it has to be optimized first though SiteOnMobile service and than after being optimized as packaged web content it can be viewed. The service is free of cost excluding the SMS charges of respective  telecom operators service charges where it is being used. Although, website owners can make their websites optimized for this service without any cost.

Access Web on Your Mobile & Landline without GPRS or Internet Access

Tagged as alpha release, the full fledged service is yet to be start soon, as apparent SiteOnMobile is not currently open for end-users to use on mobile & landlines and service is currently seems to be for website owners to be optimized for same for free. Nevertheless, the service by HP Labs India is yet another nice effort coming out of India comfortably tagged as ‘products/ technologies for masses‘ for countries like India where broadband or even internet is limited to few percentage of population.

Video below demonstrate ‘Tasklets’, which is what drives this patent-pending technology – to convert web content into widgets for use on devices without internet access.


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