Infosys Rewarded Employees throw Company Shares for Each Year of ServiceInfosys Technologies, India’s second largest software company will be completing its 30 years of its operation in industry on 2dn July and as a birthday treat, the company will be distributing among its employees 5 equity shares plus one share each for number of years completed in Infosys as their service period and that’s make 569,000 shares distribution among its 113,796 employees.

Infosys make it quite interesting as each employee will be getting (as per its closing rate on Wednesday, BSE), at least Rs 14000 approx as stock shares and if one has completed 5 years of service it will make around Rs.28,000. The total amount for this idea of employee bonus or reward is  somewhere around 320 million rupees to 1.6 billion rupees.

Earlier in 2006 Infosys give away bonus of 1.26 billion rupees to its 56,000 employees when it was Infosys 25th birthday and noticeably Infosys is also the first Indian company to give its employees stock options in 1993  which however been put on hold for few years but now the company has again pitch in with the stocks reward system in 2010.

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