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New Chrome Accessibility Extensions for Users with Special NeedsIn an effort of making the web more accessible to each and every user in the world, Google Chrome has tried to lower the barrier between the web and the people with disabilities. The disabled people meet barrier of all types in front of them and their favorite content. But now with new Google Chrome accessibility extensions the web is easily accessible to users with special needs enabling them to access websites without any challenge. These extensions can help users with special needs like people with low visibility or night blindness etc. and can make the web a happening place for them which they can truly enjoy.

Today Chrome has launched a new category of featured extensions under the name “Accessibility” that can add to your comfort in navigating the web with astounding features such as better font size control, enhanced keyboard navigation, and color selection options.

New Chrome Accessibility Extensions for Users with Special Needs

ChromeVis is a new extension for users with low vision. It’s an extension that gives you the ability to magnify any selected text ( as highlighted in image) on a web page.  The magnified text is displayed in separate floating window and preserves the original layout of webpage.  The key features of this extension are, first that you can move the selection around the page without ever touching the mouse. You can use keyboard shortcuts to specify that whether you want to move the selection by paragraph, sentence, word or even character. Secondly, both the lens text color and background color are customizable.

You can easily customize the settings of your ChromeVis extension from the options page (below) where you can change the lens colors as well as specify your own keyboard shortcuts.

New Chrome Accessibility Extensions for Users with Special Needs

Chrome Daltonize! is new chrome extension that can help color blind users. It is based on a technique known as Daltonization which deals with exposing details to color blind computer users. On similar lines, gleeBox is also an extension which provides the keyboard centric approach to navigating the web. It is also good for power users.

From these Google Chrome extensions not only the people with special needs will be benefitted instead it is also for all those who are lazy, enjoy resting on the couch and don’t want to reach the mouse each and every time.


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