Advertisement is an interesting web startup by alumni of IIT Delhi through which you can send or receive emails without mobile internet services or GPRS. Not only the emails, Jaamun also supports sending and receiving of Twitter, Orkut and even Facebook messages.

Jaamun does this by converting your mails or social networking messages into SMS and sending it your handset in real time.

Basically, Jaamun aims to provide assistance to simple handset which does not support even GPRS.

To get started with Jaamun services you first have to sign up online or send a SMS with email id and password to 9773467755.

After you sign in at Jaamun, you will get a free trial plan of 50 messages for a month. If you are impressed then you can subscribe to it later on. The charges will applicable thereafter, ranging from Rs. 49 to Rs. 75.

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  1. a new site which offers email alerts on mobile phone via sms. . Do check this:

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