Yahoo!, the Silicon Valley giant has been trying hard from past few months to become the home of internet users. It has already integrated with popular social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. You can view your Facebook and Twitter account updates using Yahoo’s ‘Quick View’ feature right from the Yahoo’s home page.  The Company is putting every effort to bring different social experiences across the web to a single place. With this initiatives Yahoo is getting more open and social. The numerous Yahoo products and services are becoming the part of daily lives of Internet users.

Yahoo! Pulse: Manage your activities and privacy on Yahoo

Facebook is now more deeply integrated into Yahoo! than ever before. People who use both Yahoo! and Facebook can now view and link their accounts across both networks. They can get real time updates from their Facebook friends and, can create and share content on any of the Yahoo group sites like Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, and Yahoo! Sports etc.

Yahoo! does not want its users who are also social networking enthusiasts to move away from the Yahoo! group of sites, Therefore it’s planning for more and more integrations with many social networking Services. Now it is already integrated with Facebook and Twitter and looking for more.

Yahoo! Pulse: Manage your activities and privacy on Yahoo

Yahoo Pulse is a new service to provide more security of your personal data and easier control of the privacy settings. This feature will help you to manage your privacy settings through a central dashboard. It also lets you to control your privacy settings for multiple social networking services. It will provide new tabbed interface with other kind of integrations in Yahoo and Yahoo Mail. You can have the updated experience at

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By the time this article was published the site was forbidden and you may get the following message:

Yahoo! Pulse: Manage your activities and privacy on Yahoo

It seems like Yahoo has learned from the mistakes of its rivals and don’t want to commit any similar error on privacy. It’s taking full care of its users to make them feel safe while integrating their social networking accounts on Yahoo.

For Now, It’s hard to comment on the exact specifications of the new interface as it’s not yet revealed by the company, but it’s sure to come within few days.

Source: Official Yahoo blog


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