Bolt Mobile Browser has achieved a milestone of rendering more than 1 billion web pages ever since it was launched in February 2009. As discussed at Indianweb2 earlier, it is a feature-rich mobile browser which makes your low budget handsets work smarter. The best part about Bolt is that it is available for nearly all types of phone.

bolt mobile browser

If we start speaking of its features then it is endless. It comes with a top class web page rendering capability, excellent streaming video support, speedy download rate, supports code written in Javascripts, Ajax etc. Just like its rival Opera Mini, it supports tabbed browsing and has a widget support as well. Its capability to integrate with Twitter and Facebook further adds to its functionality. Recently the Bolt Browser underwent an update to v2.1 to enhance some of its shortcomings.

Like many other utilities, Bolt also has its Lite version. Don`t get disheartened with Bolt Lite as it comes with all essential features of Bolt including speedy browsing and downloading.
Bitstream Inc. is very pleased to see the success of Bolt browsers. In July last year Bolt climbed past 100 million web pages rendered. The CEO of Bitstream, Anna Magliocco-Chagnon stated during that milestone,

The first 100 million pages are always the hardest. At our current rate of usage, BOLT servers are rendering 100 million Web pages every two weeks, and that rate is accelerating. BOLT is now drawing new users faster than 1 million every month, another rate that is also accelerating. It’s extremely gratifying that after all our hard work and our dialogue with our users, we’ve built a mobile application that is highly reviewed, award-winning and popular around the world.

Today the company further publicized its statistics. It stated,

It is now used by more than 7.3 million people in over 200 countries, has also streamed more than 570 million minutes of video – equivalent to more than 1,000 years when played back to back. With its recent addition of HTML5 video support and the broadest range of Flash video support for mobile phones of all types, BOLT users are now streaming the equivalent of 15 years worth of video every single day. So far in 2010, BOLT has transferred 290 Terabytes of data, roughly equivalent to the amount of data that can be stored on 3.7 million CDs.

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