If you have been facing problem in your science and mathematics then, I am quite sure that your search is going to end here.  In this article, I am going to introduce you with a non-profit organization, having the mission of providing world class education to anyone anywhere. Obviously this mission is not achievable without the use of computer and the Internet.

Millions Of Students Learning Science and Math in World’s Free Virtual School

Let’s hear from the users of this academy what they have to say about the academy:

“…I just wanted to say that out of every internet learning site I have used yours is by far the best! The maths [are] just so beautifully explained. Thank you so much; now I really think I will pass my maths exams~!”

“My eldest kid is dancing around in my room here because she is so excited that she finally found someone that teaches like this. You’re awesome. Thank you.”

“Half an hour with your presentations taught me more than three months of sitting in my professors class. You seriously saved my grade.”

Salman Khan (Sal) who founded the Khan Academy with the goal of using technology to educate the world. He has the vision to educate anyone with access to computer and Internet, can come to Khan Academy and enjoy world class education. He termed Khan Academy as a world’s free Virtual School.

Millions Of Students Learning Science and Math in World’s Free Virtual School

Khan Academy has a vast video tutorial collection starting merely from very basic mathematics, to all the way to college level Calculus and Physics, in short and encapsulated videos focusing one fundamental concept at a time. All the videos are made my Sal himself. His Videos are not emotionless and monotonous, like usual lectures in your school or other long video lectures by professors. From the videos his great enthusiasm of teaching is clearly revealed. The Videos clearly expresses the concepts and injects the subject matter with the sense of intuition so that you may not forget the basic concepts throughout your life.

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Millions Of Students Learning Science and Math in World’s Free Virtual School

Here are the lines from Sal on his teaching methodology.

“I teach the way that I wish I was taught. The lectures are coming from me, an actual human being who is fascinated by the world around him. The concepts are conveyed as they are understood by me, not as they are written in a textbook developed by an educational bureaucracy. Viewers know that it is the labor of love of one somewhat quirky and determined man who has a passion for learning and teaching. I don’t think any corporate or governmental effort–regardless of how much money is thrown at the problem–can reproduce this. “

To start learning from Khan Academy you just need to Visit the Khan Academy’s Website and browse the Video library. The extensive video library covers almost all the topics and concepts required at School level and basic college level. The popularity of his videos is clearly reveled from the millions of views of his videos at YouTube. Moreover, Khan Academy has been awarded for the best use of Technology to benefit humanity.

It’s really a great initiative to educate the world. Khan academy is providing the world with the rich and never-getting-old educational resource. Students from all over the world are finding that they are now learning the difficult topics much easily than they have done ever before.

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