Save Your Browsing Time with Facebook Photo Zoom


Save Your Browsing Time with Facebook Photo ZoomHave you ever wanted to have a deeper look on the thumbnails of the profile pictures of your friends appearing in the news feeds? Have you ever wished to have a magnified look on the photos uploaded by your friends that may be appearing in the news feed without browsing their photo albums? It was never easy before. But now, you can easily have a larger view of Facebook photo without having to click on it, thanks to Facebook photo zoom which is the best zoomer tool I have ever found.

Speed your browsing with facebook photo zoom
Facebook photo zoom is very simple, easy-to-use and light weight chrome extension. It gets activated quickly just after you install the add-on.  To get a larger view, all you need to do is just hover with your mouse pointer on any photo on Facebook and this extension will display the larger version for you without navigating you away anywhere else.

The Chrome extension can be enabled and disabled easily from a control at the right bottom of your screen as it appears in the screenshot above. Additionally an even faster hotkey is available, press CTRL+SHIFT+Z which will toggle its functionality.


Facebook photo zoom is also available for Firefox users as an add-on which can be downloaded from this link .

This extension is an incredibly cool. It allows you to ease the browsing of your photographs and save your browsing time. Though sometimes it becomes irritating as it magnifies every photo you hover with our mouse. But that’s no problem you can easily disable it from hot key or panel whenever you don’t need it.

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