Google, Microsoft & LinkedIn Unite for Open Web Sharing Protocol - OExchange

Clearspring along with Google,Microsoft and LinkedIn introduced an open web sharing protocolOExchange to establish a common way for services to receive, discover and share content to social media sharing services and how sharing tools can read and set a user’s sharing preferences.This open web sharing protocol actually established a interoperability into social web to offer links to sharing services and for sharing services to design their API endpoints.

Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Postereous and every such social media service has a different integration scheme and providing access to all these services is difficult through one party tool or so using third party tools such as AddThis etc. OExchange solves this problem by defining an open protocol for third party sharing tools to discover and send content to these services.

This open web sharing protocol is already got support from Google (Google Buzz), Microsoft, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Echo, Instapaper, Posterous, PrintFriendly, Springpad, Webs and yfrog (Imageshack). Moreover, Google Buzz and Instapaper are the first such service to have got OExchange protocol implemented.

OExchange provides a simple and common for all integration method for publisher to get their URI/ Links to be shared on social media services supporting OExchange. For social media services the protocol provides a more discoverable and thats too by visitors own choice. A discovery generator tool has been provided by OExchnage for easy implementation of protocols for existing or new social media & sharing services.

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  1. Seems good! An integrable tool between various platforms online is quite the need of the day.. though I wonder whether its possible, considering the various UI's, uses and features.

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