Pakistan got its own 1st Blogging Awards & New Media UnconferenceIndia’s very own neighbor country Pakistan witnessed its First Blogging Awards & New media Unconference on Friday May 28th at Karachi, the award ceremony is backed by Google Pakistan and CIO Pakistan along with other sponsors such as Nokia, Dell, Cannon etc. The ceremony was lavishing, big and red carpeted with more than 300 bloggers and corporates honored in Karachi to recognize and encourage blogging as “New Media” and “Citizen Journalism” rising in Pakistan.

Pakistan got its own 1st Blogging Awards & New Media Unconference

The awards are distributed among winners out of a total of 41 blogs in different categories such as celebrity, fashion, gossips, politics, humor, current affairs and technology.

Neighboring developing countries should take lesson from Pakistan where blogging, new media, citizen journalism is not just limited to newspaper columns or talk shows but also being recognized, appreciated and honored with awards as ceremonies and unconferencing events and thats too with lavishing format which not only show countries appreciation towards the home-grown journalism but also flaunt that how important they are to the country they are blogging for.

The ceremonies, award event indeed is a good practice to set the level high, bring out the sense of recognition, competition and thus encourage the new media entities for iterate the standards of their respective media be it bloggers, citizen journalists, freelance authors/ content editors etc.

Pakistan is 3rd among its neighboring countries (India & China) with  18 million internet users in Pakistan comparing to India’s 51 million internet users and 111 million users in China moreover despite of lagging to India & China only Pakistan witnesses the efforts to encourage the new media type for its growing user base.

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The New media is rising and blogs has already surpassed the newspaper in terms of readers. The effort has to be made to organize the news form of media raise the level much higher than its present one by encouraging people directly involved in it.


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