It seems like Google is planning to switch away from windows to open source Linux or Mac due to security concerns, according to a report from Financial Times.

Financial Times reports that, At Googleplex several Google employees were instructed to move away from Windows machines and switch over to Linux or Mac systems.

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Here are the few excerpts from the report that clearly expresses the full-throated move of Google:

“We’re not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort,” said one Google employee. Many people have been moved away from [Windows] PCs, mostly towards Mac OS, following the China hacking attacks,” said another.

Employees wanting to stay on Windows required clearance from “quite senior levels”, one employee said. “Getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO approval,” said another employee. “

The reason behind the move was recent ‘China Hacking attack’ in which a Google’s computer running windows system was hacked. Anyone who has been around computers for some time can understand that Windows is more prone to the viruses and attacks than any other Operating System. Moreover, attack on Windows is bit obvious because it is dominating the desktop PC world.

Now using Windows at Googleplex is not just a mere job as it now requires “CIO’s approval”. While some new employees may be allowed to use Windows restricting to their laptops only.

According to the report, one employee mentioned that “Before the security, there was a directive by the company to try to run things on Google products”. It might be like, that they wanted to bring Chrome OS in full flow at Googleplex.

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We shouldn’t forget that both these companies are the rival companies, one leading the web in searches while the other dominates the desktop. This move of Google will lead around 10,000 employees of Google worldwide to switch away from windows.

What if Microsoft Stops Google searches to be done from windows machine?

Is Security the main reason behind dumping windows or it was just a move to bring Chrome OS?


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