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Introducing 3D PC - A New Category PC by Nvidia3D technology is really creating a lot buzz today be it movies like Avataar or our own Indian 3D movie Chota Chetan back in 1995 but it’s some what limited to only movies. Now its time for real implementation in every sphere which has just begun as NVIDIA, a computer graphics technology company who is known to introduce to the world  GPU processors  has partnered with Microsoft, Dell, Toshiba, Alienware, Asus and many more brands to brings 3D technology in every sphere of entertainment life be it visual entertainment, Blu-ray 3D movies, PC games,  photos and even live 3D broadcasts.

Nvidia will be bringing the 3D PCs out of the box in desktop, notebook range to the consumers, the prices of which will start at around $1,500 which is about half of the price of 3D TV in market. As per Nvidia – “In 3D mode, each eye receives the full resolution of the display for the highest possible image quality for text and objects“.

At Computex 2010 held at Taiwan, Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS, demonstrated some ready-to-go 3D PCs in desktop, notebook and all-in-one varieties

Microsoft also announced that Silverlight, a web content development platform now supports streaming 3D content over the web to NVIDIA 3D Vision-equipped PCs. NVIDIA and Microsoft demonstrated the world’s first high definition 3D music video ‘We Are The World’ in 3D streamed over the internet.

NVIDIA’s  game developers worked on more than 425 PC games to work with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology. Sony and Fujifilm will be bringing 3D digital cameras to market where consumers can take 3D photos and view as 3D on their 3D PC. A 3D PC can view the Web in 3D including live streaming of 3D video, watch Blu-ray 3D movies and also Cyberlink will be releasing a version of their software player that will support playback of Blu-ray movies in 3D.

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Introducing 3D PC - A New Category PC by Nvidia

As per Nvidia, a 3D PC must have, by definition, the following minimum requirements:

  • A pair of 3D active-shutter glasses.
  • A 120Hz 3D-capable display which can be a desktop LCD monitor, a 3D projector, a 3D TV, or a laptop with an integrated 3D-capable LCD.
  • A discrete GPU such as the latest GeForce GPU’s from NVIDIA that are designed to deliver HD content to a 3D display.

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