Google on Friday has publicly released a list of top 1000 sites which are more popular on the web. Facebook surpassed the rest of the web and made itself to top of the list to become the most popular website in the world.

According to Google which ranked the sites based on several factors like unique visitors, page views and reach, Facebook had a total of 540 million unique visitors to its site in April 2010, helping it to reach an enormous 35% of all web users. In this month it had 570 billion page views, which reflects its enormous user base as no others, down in the list have even managed to touch the count of billon.

Facebook: The Undisputed king of the web, says Google

You can click on any of the websites to have a detailed report on the traffic data like average visits per visitor, average time spent on site and top keywords used in search to locate the website. In this report, you can also analyze traffic details for any website at the country level.


Since late April, Facebook is receiving loads of criticism from all over the world regarding its privacy setting and security options.  In fact people have started deleting their Facebook account. Today, I was searching for “How do’s” related to my project and i saw something in the suggestions by Google that surprised me, as  “how do I delete my Facebook account” was one of top choices. As far as I know Google’s algorithm suggest what is the most popular on the web.

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For now, it’s quite difficult to predict who’s going to top the list in the next report but it’s quite sure that Facebook has suffered from its privacy options and the company is rolling out new set of privacy options over the past few weeks in response to all the confusions and criticism it has received from its users.

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Is Google suggesting a topic will affect the rival Facebook? Speculations are being aired that, Due to cut- throat competition provided by the Facebook in the world of web advertising, it might be that Google is behind the Facebook. It’s very difficult to comment on this issue as rival companies never ever leave a chance to dig at each other.

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