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YouthKiAwaaz: A nice platform to share your views


YouthKiAwaaz aka Voice of Youth is a great platform for the people to express their views on any issue. This strong social media base was founded in March 2008 and now it is fast emerging as India`s number 1 youth centric website. It is regarded by its developers as a nice place for spreading awareness among the youth.


The site is aimed towards the development of society, rules, and policies as it believes that youth has unprecedented power of speech and it can surely make the world a wonderful place to live in.


Over here, you will find opinions, comments, views and articles on a numerous issues, be it related to society, technology, policies or health. Feel free to express issues and views that matters a lot to you and YouthKiAwaaz will make sure that your voice reaches millions of people around the world.


Currently YouthKiAwaaz has over 800 writers and over a million views in a month. It is indeed a nice platform for expressing your opinions.

However, while writing one needs to be careful and cannot just write anything. It is not a place for abusing or taking out personal grudge against somebody.

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