YouTube recently introduced an exciting new feature to its Privacy options. According to the official YouTube blog, the users can now share videos with unlimited number of people just by sharing a link. Earlier this privacy feature allowed the users to share with only 25 other users.

The privatized videos are categorized under unlisted videos. As the name suggests, the videos will not be featured while public browsing, not even in search results. Once you upload your videos, you are provided with three options and it is up to you to decide who to share with. The following are the three available options.

1) Public: Allows everyone to view it. It will feature in YouTube search
2) Unlisted: Allows unlimited number of people to view it, provided they have the Video URL
3) Private: Allows only selected YouTube users to view it.

This new feature of YouTube demands a lot of carefulness. You have to be careful while providing links and must share with only to the trusted members. Otherwise, there is no way out you can save your videos from being publicized.


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