Nurph is an interesting web service that puts a real-time chat box on top of any webpage that you choose. And it lets you connect with your Twitter account too. After entering the URL, you can share the nurphed link with your friends, invite them for live chat, and perform other web-browsing operations as well.

However, Nurph is available currently only in beta version and the service may change any time and there may be short one or two bugs as well.

Your Nurph URLs can be used by anybody and posted anywhere. It requires no installation and is completely lag-free, well suited for slow internet connections. Not only Twitter, you can even join your friends in a conversation via Facebook or email. Your joined friends will be listed on the right side as participants.

Moreover, Nurph does not disclose your posts on your Twitter account. Nurph has something for the bloggers as well. There is a button that can be added to the blog posts to receive user’s attraction.

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