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Google Goggles: Now with text-translation support


Google had introduced the Goggles software a couple of months back that uses pictures to search the web. And now, Google has officially launched the translating feature, which detects text in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. If you are not satisfied with it either, then Google translate is always there to re-translate the text to its supported languages.
Goggles can be a very useful app for fellow travellers who do not have an understanding of local languages. To perform translation, you need to place your phone at some text and draw a box to indicate the region of interest. Thereafter press the shutter button. If Goggles understands the text, it provides you with translation options. After that, you just need to tap at the translate button and enter the source and destination languages.

The first Google translation demo was shown earlier this year at MWC in Barcelona and could only recognise German. Now since the translation to other Latin languages are supported, Google is concentrating on Non-Latin languages like Arabic, Hindi, etc.

Apart from translation, Google v1.1 also comes with improved barcode recognition, enhanced artwork recognition and
detection of many more products and logos. It also features an improved user interface to provide flexibility while performing visual searches.


In case you were not satisfied with the picture-translation feature, now Google also supports text translation. This combo might just do well for unsatisfied users. But remember, to install Google Goggles you need an Android platform phone that supports Android 1.6+ versions.

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