Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has announced a number of new products and features for Facebook. Most importantly, Facebook in collaboration with Microsoft has announced the beta release of Here is a quick glance at the features included in is an online document editor and viewer that can be used to create and share Office documents (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) with Facebook friends. With Docs, you can collaborate work with your friends in completing a project. There is button next to every document that allows you to add more editors at any given time. However, the worst part is that it allows only one person to edit a document at a time. Google Docs definitely has an edge here.
However, Privacy options stand pretty well in So, if you want you can make your documents personal or share with selected number of friends, it is good place to be in. And yes, if you want, you can obviously make your documents visible to all.

If you are aware of Windows Live SkyDrive and Office 2010, then you will certainly like Unlike office 2010, you don’t require a Windows Live ID for using Only a Facebook account is required, which I hope everybody has these days.
You can visit by clicking here.

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