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Google sidewiki is new way to tell all internet users visiting any site page that they are important and there vision is appreciated. A browser sidebar that enalbles users to contribute and read helpful information alongside any web page they are visiting. Google sidewiki is with us since 22nd of September 2009 but I am not sure how many of us are really making the most out of it.

Google has always valued its users with tools and information that is most relevant and usefult for the user. That is what has made google the search engine king.

The very step to enable users to contribute for the any site page gives confidence to user not to only have the information what the site owners wants to tell rather its like giving all page ownership to the users also who can come and add or contribute information and things that will help others and making the page more informative and as its a public opinion so its well social too.

Google has given it to contribute and share. Hats off to the great brains working with sheer brilliance. Out of the box thinking and giving all powers to its users. You can share it on facebook, tweet it email it or just share the link.

Happy sidewiking people… the powers is in your hands…

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  1. it's gud servicce we will try it now……………


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