google_apps_free_stickerGoogle Apps since its launch in 2006 has managed to acquire 25 million users including companies, organizations, government organizations and big brands across the globe. The customers of Google apps includes Jaguar Land Rover, National Geographic, Motorola Mobile Devices, Huffington Post to government bodies such as District of Columbia Government, Los Angeles etc.

Google is also giving personalized Laptop Stickers free for a limited time if you are already using Google Apps or even if you are planning to join.

If you are already a Google App user you may put yourself or your organization over the Google map here

Also, more interesting part is that Google has also announced Google Apps migration tool that helps people or organization who are using Microsoft Exchange to migrate to Google Apps in easy steps. Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange is a new server-side tool that migrates your company’s email, calendar and contact data from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. The similar migration is also available for Lotus notes users.

One can see use this small Google Apps calculator utility tool so as to see how much you can save for a given number of employees while using Google Apps premier edition in place of Microsoft Exchange 2007, you might see a huge difference.

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