Microsoft has revealed the preview-only/test version of its all new Internet Explorer 9 far better than any of its earlier versions and especially because the standards IE used to follow are way back than any modern browser.  At MIX 10, a interactive gathering event of Microsoft and  innovative web professionals, Dean Hachamovitch presented the insight depth of “early look” phase of IE9.

This preview of IE9 is more targeted towards web developers/ designers to let them know and take advantage of new things they can do while developing web apps or websites.  Developers can have early look at IE 9 development here.

The prominent development and new things of Internet Explorer 9 are :

  • A new JavaScript engine for IE9 which is designed to make Internet Explorer faster (faster than Firefox 3.6).
  • Support for HTML5.
  • IE9 now extensively support DOM, CSS3, SVG standards and XHTML.
    Able to render box-shadow, text-shadow and border-radius like CSS3 properties
  • IE9 is the first browser designed to hardware accelerated graphics

Interestingly, the new JavaScript engine of IE9 is said to be faster than shipping version of Firefox today as per’s SunSpider benchmark test.


However, the available Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview is not be used as regular browse and it doesn’t even have a “back” button. But it released to run along with regular browser and is simply a preview and more specifically for developers/ designers so as to help them developing their web apps.

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