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All along year 2009, this year has been the year of disruptive ideas, innovations and originality of concept that drove the startups in India when it comes to technology, web and internet. Similar to Best Startups list in 2008 we are compiling a list of some the very interesting and gutsy startups that made impression over the world wide web.

The list is relatively small when it comes to numbers and the basic criteria of choosing the startups in India are – How disruptive is an Idea behind?, Orginality of startup concept, Are they really startup? and lastly how much impact did they made to their similar competitors/counterparts with their first presence.

So, here we go;

Best of Indian Startups 2009

VoicePHP – A product by Tringme which is a Bangalore, India-based startup come up with disruptive simple idea of infusing VoIP into PHP by using the familiar PHP programming methodology which can be freely downloaded and is used by majority of web developers. TringMe introduces this simple technology as not an extension to PHP but the same PHP which now outputs voice instead of text and also takes input as voice instead of text.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

iMO – iMO, a Gurgaon, India based 3-people early-age startup who was able make to Top 50 finalist of Techcrunch 50 and won best presentation. iMo is an app that turns an iPhone/iPod Touch into a video game controller that works with existing PC video games, giving it Wii like capabilities. Unlike using the PC’s boring keyboard/mouse one can hold the iPhone like a steering wheel and drive a race car or like a joystick to fly a fighter plane. iMo leverages the iPhone/iPod Touch’s built-in accelerometer and touch screen to not just mimic the standard game controllers such as the joystick but add a lot more control to take gaming action to the next level.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

VoiceTap – A small but impressive 8 person startup based out of Noida, India and awarded with Asia Top 100 Startups award 2009 by Red Herring. VoiceTap come-up with their product ‘Getafixx’ – a knowledge engine, which allows a knowledge seeker to connect with experts from around the world using the medium of chat or VoIP and connect knowledge seekers to expert knowledge over the web (chat, VoIP), Gtalk client / Gmail including textual chat or voice or the mobile phone. Voicetap has received seed funding from a Singapore based consortium.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

Druvaa Insync – This is a Pune based enterprise startup, which launched its product Druva inSync, an automated laptop backup software which protects corporate data for office and remote users. Available for Windows and Linux features simple backup, point-in-time restores, data deduplication technology.

This made in India software has many advance and impressive technologies such as – timeline based infinite versions of file giving user an option to restore from any point in time in the past, 90% reduction in bandwidth, 10 times faster backup speed with distributed data de-duplication technology and storage utilization, automatic network prioritization and bandwidth scheduling makes it network sensitive. The software managed to bag impressive client list as – NASA, Serco, Emerson and Capita.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

What’s On India – What’s-On-India is an India’s premier TV guidance and EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), a Mumbai based start-up funded in 2008 by Sequoia Capital and Nexus VP. Positioned as India’s first TV guidance channel What’s On India has designed a proprietary, indigenous India-specific EPG Production Platform that integrates Programming information from hundreds of TV channels and seamlessly reach consumers through set-top-Boxes, internet and mobile. What’s on India has a target of reaching 20 million homes by the first quarter of 2010.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

DeskAway – DeskAway a Mumbai based startup by Synage Software Pvt. Ltd. deliver software as a service (SaaS) over the Internet to the global audience. DeskAway is one of the best Project Management Tool available online, free as well as paid its one of the first such web start-up from India that made mark on web inspite of already available competitors such as BaseCamp, Collab, Zoho etc. (Read Review of DeskAway)

Best of Indian Startups 2009

SMSOne.in – SMS One Media is a Pune based startup serving as a very-local newsletter that delivers services to people of India’s most unconnected areas, rural villages where there is no internet, no local newspaper and as usual seldom get electricity supply and thus no TV news access. SMS one thus integrate, interconnect local communities providing the local news, updates over the mobiles as SMS.

SMSOne is also providing a means of self-employment opportunities & social prestige to hundreds of school-college dropouts and youth social workers as franchise/ local reporter who goes door-to-door and collect subscribers name, phone number and other information. The startup has got National Youth Award by Gov. of India and become more prominently famous when first got mentioned in TechCrunch as unique concept startups across the world.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

Dhingana – Dhingana is a social platform around entertainment and impressive Indian startup doing really cool things with its products we have reviewed on IndianWeb2.com, the company has developed  impressive apps be it iPhone App, Gmail app or an Orkut App apart from this Dhingana is one of the finest music portal for south-asian community with songs, music and public playlists. The company has also been awarded as OpenSocial Application winner at Google.

Best of Indian Startups 2009

Toufee – Developed by New Delhi based startup Day and Night Solutions, Toufee is an online flash movie maker application that lets one create flash movies and multimedia presentations in a matter of minutes with easy-to-use interface and without any knowledge of Adobe Flash or have programming skills to produce Flash animations. The edge of this Indian startup over other similar apps in world market is that its lightweight, easy to use, straightforward and much matured.

Toufee currently ranks in the top 5 flash apps by Adobe.com in it’s official flex showcase.

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  1. This is simply awesome Vardaan ! ..more of such list is needed though….for ex. in different stream of web like social networking, mobile media, mash-ups, Gadgets, e-commerce, apps etc. It would be more interesting if see these. thx for this one anyways!

  2. Hey guys! I found a really impressive visual flash online web editor requiring no progamming or design knowledges! Look at the video : create a free flash website Simply crazy ! And you know what? I’ve just tested it and search engines can read the sites content even if it’s flash! Life’s good no?? lol

  3. Google Voice is an absolute lifesaver. The features of it are amazing, for example the ability to screening calls. I’ve got some invites if anyone wants any. Also I hope that Apple rethinks the Google Voice app, hwo could such an killer application get killed by Apple?