Online Public Petition for Ruchika CaseAradhana, friend of Ruchika Girhotra and only eye-witness in the case has launched an online signature campaign/ public petition to re-ropen the case.

In the case the former Haryana Inspector General of Police (IGP) S.P.S. Rathore, also the Haryana Lawn Tennis Association president in 1990 who molests 14-year-old budding tennis player Ruchika Girhotra in his office room and after ridiculous 19 years court finally sentenced him 6 months of imprisonment and also granted bail immediately to fled him away, thanks to the anarchy law and legal procedures of India. Awful are top posted people more awful are those laws and administration who made him to acquire such responsible designations.

Aradhana, friend of late Ruchika the victim has launched an online petition on and a Facebook page so as to reach the distant people who are in favor of re-opening the case. The petition has been addressed to The President of India, The Chief Justice of India, The Prime Minister of India,The Home Minister of India, The Law Minister of India, The U.P.A. Chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and till moment 2255 people have signed the online petition.

If one ever go by the chronological events in Ruchika’s Molestation case the scenario of just one among many case shows how rotten and lethargic are these administrative procedures and the administrators who took nearly two decades to come to conclusion and that’s too  with a ‘very poor’ justice to a 14 year old girl.


  1. Should be hanged

  2. should be hanged in public

  3. This is an alarming case to the youth generation…
    Though many of us has heard about the incident, but after watching the wonderful show called 'Crime Patrol' I came to know about the complete fact.. I feel this is just one among thousands of such cases, which are in fact increasing every day.
    But according to my view I don't think, so called present DGP Rathore is the only punishable person. Since he had powers, he just tried to utilize it in all ways, to save himself. Rather the real culprit is our own build society, which has forced this little girl to quit this battle…
    Come forward, we all can contribute against these crimes on our own little ways…
    Look around and first at yourself !!
    Only you and I, together us can change this world…

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