Social Networking affecting Productivity in India says AssochamIn India, corporate sector employees productivity is Killed by 12.5% in surfing social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc. during the office hours says ASSOCHAM’s (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry) Social Development Foundation (ASDF) survey.

Morever ASSOCHAM survey  in a press release says – Almost each day, an average corporate employee spends an hour, gluing to various social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Linkdein etc. for ‘romancing‘ or otherwise drive some satisfaction out of it…with this average corporate employee’s each day working is reduced by an hour from 8 hours to 7 hours.

Young professionals join the social networking sites the most. It also reveals that 93% of youngsters are aware of social networking sites. Orkut and Facebook are found to be the most popular online destinations among survey respondents. 73% of aged 45-58 spend over an hour online daily to use online sources to access news.

On the other on same note and on same day an interesting reports by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) says that growth momentum of the services sector in India has increased during April–October 2009, compared to the same period during 2008. If one has to go by ASSOCHAM than productivity has already been lost than how can the same sector is showing growth without productivity of their employees. Two reports by two different ace business & commerce bodies in India and so much in contrast to each other.

Here ASSOCHAM is getting hypothetical as at least in software, web or even marketing sector employees are working for more than 8 hours each day officially and might even go beyond that unofficially. So, one hour less because of  social networking which is bringing productivity down is somehow hypothetical. Each day if one hour is getting less in employees working hours than how much “extra-hours” are being included should have been in the survey.

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Morever, ASSOCHAM used word “Romancing” as reason for social networking surfing, Unaware of the fact that online activities such as online news reading through live feeds as in facebook,twitter etc., professional networking and job hunting through these Pro-networking sites and blogging are rising in India more than just one reason of “romancing” on social networking sites.

The above findings of ASSOCHAM are arrived at a random survey, carried out by the ASSOCHAM Social Development Foundation (ASDF) in which nearly 4000 corporate employees were interviewed between age group ranging from 21-30, 31-45 and 46 -60 years in metros and towns such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Indore, Ahemdabad, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Luckow and Kanpur.



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