The recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen COP15 of all that big gathering of world leaders might not be as successful as it needed. However, the technology is backing up the Climate challenge education across the globe. The major internet brands such as Microsoft and Google are providing some excellent online resource and tools to educate, inform and empower people to address climate change.

Microsoft –

Online Climate Change Tools

  1. The Environmental Atlas of Europe – A digital platform for educating citizens about climate change, along with nine case studies illustrating the consequences of climate change in different environments, such as the shrinking ice cover in the Baltic.
  2. Bend the Trend – An online global program that helps people make pledges to reduce their carbon emissions.
  3. Eye on Earth – Windows Azure-powered portal that lets users track and give feedback about their environmental data such as air and water quality. The data is being provided by different individuals across the globe, through Bing maps, historical environment data and via environment monitoring stations.
  4. Project 2 Degrees – A Web-based Emissions Tracker software tool for cities around the world to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by calculating the carbon footprint and also to plan meaningful actions that save energy and money and thus making an impact in fight against climate change.


Online Climate Change Tools

EcoDrive – An innovative computer application that will help you improve how efficiently you drive. Analysis your driving style and helps you to use less fuel reducing CO2 emissions and saving money also.

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Google –

  1. Online Climate Change ToolsGoogle Earth – If you have Google earth in your computer download the tours of climate predictions from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and can also view climate change scenarios, narrated tours, investigate deforestation, and oceans floors on Google earth.
  2. Google COP15 and related Videos – Watch the nice illustrated videos of climate change on planet Earth and learn about solutions for adaptation and mitigation, in the context of COP15.

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