Intel Atom APIIntel Corporation, today has released its beta version of Intel Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit (SDK) available for Microsoft Windows (C and C++) and Moblin (C langg.) operating systems developers. Ultimately, it will allow software companies and individuals to develop apps for for Intel-based Netbooks which will be available in market next year.

Intel’s Atom based devices including mobile phones, mobile internet devices and Netbooks are forecasted to reach more than 50 million users by the end of 2009.

Intel is offering big prizes to developers to develop apps using Atom API and will also be offering revenue-generating program in 2010, after that developers can even sell their applications and components and receive upto 70% of the revenue from every sale from every store. However, to join the Intel’s Atom Apps API program, developers need to pay $99 as annual fee towards site administration and the validation process of their developed apps they will submit.

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