AccumulateWith a new technology called ‘Mobile Everywhere‘ companies can create cost effective security solutions for identification, authentication and signing on the Internet. With this solution organizations can simplify and secure login, authentication and signing using the users mobile phone, replacing security solutions like, one-time codes, hardware token authenticators, certificates on computers and of course the use of ID and password. The technology has been brought by Accumulate, a London and Stockholm based online security solutions company for the mobile.

This innovative and patented mobile technology platform enables enterprises and organizations to increase the use of the Internet as the carrier of sensitive company information. The technology also enables companies to offer their employees, partners and suppliers new innovative and secure services. In addition administration, logistics and the cost of hardware tokens and the alike are reduced.

“Many organisations would like employees to have secure access to the company system wherever they are. The problem has been to find simple and cost effective solutions. With Accumulate’s technology companies can now provide their employees with access to information without high investments in special code boxes, scratch cards or costs of one-time codes via SMS. This though we make use of the user’s mobile as a security device for login, authentication and signing”, says Stefan Hultberg, CEO of Accumulate.

Mobile Everywhere works on all mobiles and with all mobile operators. The solution qualifies with the law as an advanced electronic signature and uses a method that in security language is called “two-factor, dual-line authentication”. External experts have examined and approved Accumulate’s technology for implementation in banking environment. Furthermore the technology gives protection against so called man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing of user ID and password.

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With this technology and use of the mobile as a security device the level of security would raise whilst making usage simpler such as VPN login and login to websites with high level of security.

Mobile Everywhere for companies, examples of security solutions

  • Login
  • Authentication
  • Signing
  • Information services direct to the mobile
  • Protection against man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing of ID & password

Accumulate One-Time-Ticket (OTT)

Accumulate uses a patented solution, One-Time-Ticket (OTT), for one-times codes. This is easier, more secure and more cost effective than for example OTP (one-time password) and other solutions on the market. With OTT no user information (like user ID and password) is transported or saved over the Internet, and the cost of SMS text messaging or separate security devices is saved.

ME Platform – the technology behind

The basic components of Accumulate’s ME platform are a client software which is distributed to the user’s mobile and a background sever-based transaction system. The ME platform offers 3D security and uses the mobile itself as a security device. With Accumulate’s technology actors on the market can offer cost effective secure transactions for identification and payments.

For each transaction two separate lines of communication are established – simultaneously – between the user and the server. This is done with two different communication systems, mobile phone and computer-to-computer communication via the Internet. Users use their own computer and mobile. The service provider sends and receives back encrypted information via its web server and an external transaction service.

Accumulate’s ME products function on most mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java (J2ME), Nokia Series 40/60 and Windows Mobile.

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