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Updated – 20 September 2013

If you have been making and maintaining your profiles around social networking sites in India, than you can not deny that people are more interested these days in networking sites which have professional bent and career oriented rather than throwing just chatting words and scraps.

In India more and more Professional Networking sites are coming in and not from just small scale start-ups but big brands too such as Times of India Group and Info Edge (company behind,

Here are few top Indian based Professional Networking sites that are making quite good impression over Indian audience.

9 Emerging Professional Netoworking sites in India is online professional network from same company who is behind and, the networking site launched in August 2007 and still in beta, has now gradually emerging as choice of people’s own pro-networking site.

9 Emerging Professional Netoworking sites in India
is another big brand supported Pro-networking community portal and little different to other networking portals in its peer portal. The portal is flagship of Time Business Online Pvt. Ltd. and its too in beta mode earlier it was in closed beta users mode.

SiliconIndia – It is one most rapidly growing professional networking although carry more of a news aggregating site’s features and traits. The home page consist of news pieces and stories rather than any professional network portal although when when navigated deeply will how you few good professional communities, groups, jobs and career related content.

Professional networking sites in India – Kreeo is a web based knowledge-based networking for companies, individuals and institutions who can build their own networks of knowledge along with tools such as news feeds, content sharing and forums etc.

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ApnaCircle is one of the first Professional and career networking sites in India among all in this list. Sabeer Bhatia, Hotmail creator is among core producers of the portal. The portal has both social and professional networking features is frequently making changes to lure users.

SysInclude is professional networking for IT professionals, the portal at moment is by invitation only. Moreover the portal offer two kind of account one is individual and other corporate account, while the former one is free and later is paid and will have more features that will help manage the recruiting process and have better search capabilities for corporates.

9 Emerging Professional Netoworking sites in India
– its is perhaps the most recent entrant in business & professional networking portals in India. Its a bit different portal in its niche, providing some really nice features for both companies and professionals as their different user-base and targeting them differently.

Professional networking sites in India

iProBook – This is one professional networking portal yet to be released though i found its underground URL from google here as iProbook in Labs. The portal has clean and user friendly UI and plenty of good interactive features and all about creating and managing your business/ professional networks. What impressed me is its clean UI and use of ajax scripts at perfect places.

TooStep is yet another professional community portal, however it gives an impression of some portfolio management tool or so, reason being fragmented UI and its content element. The portal is more about building community of professional and exchange, discuss, debate about topics, ideas etc.

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Plaxo – It is the one stop destination for the professionals. It is one of the leading professional networking sites in India. Just stay in touch with others via this professional networking site. Connect yourself with business network world wide via this portal. So sign up now.

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  1. This is awesome list created I know only 2 of them. Hope you come up with more of such lists

  2. has time and again proved its worth for me ! I got the job cos of brijj…there are plenty of recruiters on the site and now these guys have started sending job emails too(BEING PART OF NAUKRI.COM GROUP)…..with amazing content and gr8 people….my vote goes to brijj !

  3. yes i too like . Its content is nice and its easy to use

  4. Hey i like some of these networks and I am going to send a note to the administrators of to add these onto their list! is a portal to most of the popular social networks available today.

  5. Its an awesome list of neworking sites, which were not known to me.
    I had heared only about ‘’ and ‘apnacircle’ only.

  6. These websites are getting popular day by day.

  7. is also a cool social newtorking website…. Try this out..

  8. briji -looking good.

    But expecting more active groups.

    Expecting Specialized section for Pharmaceuticals like

    If any please update

  9. I like its a free blog site

  10. bro nice post-delete this suggestion please-y don’t u use 301 redirect as u can see on address bar of this post its named as netoworking instead of networking,this will make your post a lot SE correct.

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  12. have u guys heard about the Computer Society Of India (CSI)………..They are launching a Knowledge Management Portal…..its a great chance to interact and get in touch wit some of the big names in the Indian IT industry…… check it out at …

  13. i expected in this list.

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  15. social networking is necessary for repaid personal and business growth.

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