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Find Nearby Facebook UsersNearbySocial is new Facebook download application via one can track other people using facebook nearby him or her and here ‘nearby’ means geographical proximity for e.g. in cafeteria, in college library or in office premise.

Find Nearby Facebook Users

Its actually a software application that uses the ubiquitous Wi-Fi signal and show profiles of interesting nearby Facebook users, apparently in real time. Once you keep Nearby Social running all day and it will also allow you a summary view on people seen in the Nearby Social Facebook Application.

In its own term the application can be described as – “bridging online social network plethora with presence to create serendipitous face-to-face encounters”. By using the NearbySocial app one can see and get notified of near by Facebook users, get their current location and chat with emoticons.

The downloadable app provide full support to Windows XP and Vista clients and moreover also anticipating different smart-phones porting to platforms like iPhone and Windows Mobile.

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2 replies to this post
  1. I liked the slides a lot :)

    The overall idea is nice…there seem to be so many apps coming out these days which integrate social networking with presence ( Loopt, Google Latitude etc…sort of)

    I just feel that this might get a little uncomfortable at times…but then this app. is probably not meant for people like me…