FamilyLink ProjectsFamilyLink. com a Provo, Utah based family-centered social networking company has raised $2.85 million in Series B funding the company has previously raised its initial round of funding of $1.25 million in August 2007.

Several Series A investors joined the Series B funding round, including vSpring Capital and TTP Capital Advisors of Japan the company employs 30 people in the US, and has development offices in India and the Philippines.

The company has multi-projects in its bag centered around family-tree and finding ancestors’ history. The interesting one is – ‘How to use Google more effectively as a genealogy research tool’ with a 352 page book written by genealogy and technology expert, Dan Lynch. It is said that Google’s indexes more than 20 billion pages of the Web and it’s likely that some of these pages contain clues about anyone’s ancestors.

Apart from the company has other such services as – Genseek,, WebTree, and family-tree and genealogy based application at major social networking portal such as Facebook (We Are Related), MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and Friendster.

As per the December 2008 Quantcast statistics, the company ranked among the top 500 web companies world and giving a stiff comptetion to other portals in its niche namely and its recently acquired

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