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Zimblee is Custom Online Ad Creator Tool for Facebook


ZimbleeZimblee, an Indian Startup from Pune has launched as a tool to create an online ad and promote company or even blog, social networking page, or favorite charitable cause within a social network like Facebook.

Zimblee is a web-based self-service ad creator platform and apparently world’s first truly custom online ad creator tool designed for advertisers, agencies, and small business owners.

Zimblee has intuitive interface, point and click, drag and drop customization tools enable first-time users as well as experienced marketers to create professional, effective and fully customized display ads for the
internet efficiently and affordably. Users can upload logos and images of their choice through built in library.

Moreover, the tool has patent pending platform that allows a user to not only create a display ad, but also promote their company, blog, favorite charitable cause, or personal page within a social network. The ability to launch a Zimblee custom ad to a social network provides the marketer with an new medium for advertising. The Zimblee application for social networks is a first of its kind in online advertising.

Zimblee Ad  creator

Zimblee is a Yureekah Inc. Company founded by Vishal Sharma and Devaraj Southworth,
serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in media and consulting. The Company recently secured a
round of angel investment and will be looking to secure its Series A in the coming months. In
addition will be looking to partner with several major publishers who wish to utilize Zimblee

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