Buy Land on Moon OnlineThis Valentine you may gift your lover a piece of land on ‘Moon’, yes you heard it right a gift portal in India – is offering its visitors small piece of land on the moon with price tag of just Rs.1325 (US$28) and moreover in a legal way that it comes in a gift pack complete with a land deed from the International Lunar Embassy in UK. The gift portal is also publishing ads over Facebook for same.

The portal even say – Now you can look into the night sky and say ‘I own a piece of that!’ . Piece of land once ordered will be delivered anywhere in India in 2 days along with the Lunar Site Map that shows where your property is located. Now that’s the thing I couldn’t even screw-up in my mind, Questions – who owns the Moon anyway?!!

Buying land on Moon is however legal as it provide you a transcript of the Declaration of Ownership that was filed with the governments of USA, Russia and the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 and the Lunar Constitution, Bill of Rights that details the Lunar laws and your rights.

Wandering as we are talking about global warming and exhausted renewal resources on our very own Earth how many years would it take exhaust every piece of land on Moon. Aghast with the fact that only US,Russia owns the Moon and even rights to sell lands on Moon.


  1. It is cool. But as the gravitation on the moon is 1/6th of the earth, wouuld it be possible for people to go there and keep there feet on their own land! :-)

  2. but who made these people the owner that they can even sell that land ?? :))

  3. if selling any land without any ownership is allowed ….
    then please contact me i want to sell jupitor .

  4. wow… thats a nice gift to give someon you love!

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