Pink Chaddi CampaignThere is hot news among Indian youth at time when Valentine’s Day is just few days short and its the online campaign that some Indian young women have started over Facebook and their blog named Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women. What they trying to propagate through this?.. well, see the Facebook group brief –

Join Us on February 14, Valentine’s Day, the day in which Indian women’s virginity and honour will self-destruct unless they marry or tie a rakhi. Walk to the nearest pub and buy a drink. Raise a toast to the Sri Ram Sena.

The ladies (Isha, Ratna, Nisha & Karishma) wants and appealing to public to send Pink Chaddi (underwears) to Indian extremist called themselve as “Shri Ram Sena” responsible for inhuman act in Mangalore city and ladies’ blog also display their office address to help public to send the gifts at right place.

The Facebook Group has managed to get around 22,000 member at time writing this post and over 1200 of comment on just 4 posts of their blog.

This is an absurd case of action/reaction though the way these ladies have chosen is non-violent and is one of their own way to react, but my question is where is the poised minds who supposed to act or even give their reaction to this inhuman act of so-called Ram Sena in a legal way rather than this crazy campaigns.

On a second thought and might be bit humorous as well, at time when majority of companies/ start-ups in India are failing and to my knowledge there are still many companies in India leveraging zero out of social media & its tools and on other side people like these ladies are using it for protest. This is height of irony and could be well added to case study of social media in India.

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  1. Great!!! Send these sick pink chaddis to RSS, BJP, VHP, Baj Rang Dal, Shiv Sena etc too!!!

    The bastards are free because of the political son BJP of whore RSS mother.

    RSS is the real culprit & thier diferent offshoots are the tools to achieve thier nefarious objective……

    Lets throw out the BJP,VHP,Baj Rang Dal and all sena be it shiv, ram, ranvir etc.

    Even krishna had crores of affairs, Ram too did not went shooting mindless even when his own wife got abducted, kunti had son’s out of wedlock, pandva shared thier brother’s wife etc.

    And this idiotic thugs a living failures are trying to teach us what morality is, what culture is etc all in facade of deft nationalism & religion. Fuck these bastards.

    Not only send them pink chaddis but start hitting them on streets…. let them get the tastes.

    Religion is like condom or toothpaste, which one wants to use or even not to use is his or her wish & perogative and not someone’s else forced opinion.

    Ask RSS, BJP, VHP, Baj Rang Dal, Ram Sena, MNS, Shiv Sena, Durga Vahini etc to stop thier mother & daughter finger & hand which they use to molest themselves if they want to police then police thier own family members but not others.

    Even during dandia where there is photograph or idol of durga kept the whole navratri all boys n girls, men & women mariied or unmarried get into affairs resulting in sex and thats is for what they go and no one goes to make mother or sister, brother or father so what………. its our life and we live it as we want. for those who dont like pls stay away……. no need for the jokers to teach us…… the losers bastards.

  2. Dude. It’s hard to see which part of your blog post are you quoting or which part is your own opinion. You hardly make any sense as to what you’re implying the post. Why don’t you go back to copy-pasting press releases instead of trying to do social commentary? That’s a journalist’s job. Or at least a blogger who can communicate clearly.

  3. bihari dude: you are drooling all over. go check if you have parkinsonian?

  4. sending pink chaddis? blah! what are these women? some low class street fighters who lift sarees and display their wares to their inebriated men while fighting on street corners? or are they hijdas? there are better methods to give tit for tat than using such vulgar means such as lifting sarees in absentia (sending chaddis to some idiots…for what? are they supposed to smell them and jack off?)

  5. vasudev, you sound a little rational, and you should know better than to make those remarks. it’s a sign of protest, in a peaceful but provocative way. it’s a way to say “you don’t scare us, honey”. bihari might be ranting a bit, but he’s correct in what he’s trying to imply. morality is a personal issue, as long as it doesn’t impunge on others’. so you keep your morality to yourself, and I’ll keep mine.

  6. The group that has initiated this camapaign seems to be fully backed and sponsored by forces who want to make it an anti-saffron brigade campaign just to hurt BJP in Next elections. Business is in everything in India. We would have been far better had Moghuls or english continued to rule us.

  7. Slumdogs are visiting pubs. WOW.

  8. Hi Vardaan, IndiBlogger is collecting blog posts on various topics – could you add this blog post to the collection? Thanks!

  9. lol. These are some ridiculous campaigns.

  10. I read your article is really nice admin thanks for sharing

  11. []_ (()) []_ , I really liked that campaigns hhhh

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