Websites Insane game to throw eggs over Satyam founder


nailthethief.comFew nasty gaming developers have created an insane game to throw eggs over founder of faulty Satyam computers, Ramalinga Raju. The game “Nail The Thief” is all about to hit Raju’s face with rotten eggs as many times possible within 30 seconds.

The online game website has got more than 150K hits in few days of its launch, interestingly you wouldn’t find any credentials of people behind it nor any contact/ about link.

The gaming developers/ conceptualizers seems to be falling short of ideas and concepts of online games as such games are cropping up in plenty such as row over throwing shoe at George Bush or Saddam Hussain and now Raju.

Its an another kind of online flash gaming that is developing in online space called as incident based online games that most of the users find interesting to play. Most of these games developed are on current infamous incidents and are flash based which is comparatively easy to develop in short span of time unlike to other high-end platforms.

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  1. Hi i like to play these game very much.

  2. Hi i like to play these game very much


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