CleverTextingYet another Indian start-up myMobile Ergonomics which is a Mobile Startup company based in Noida has developed new Mobile Texting technology – CleverTexting, which makes predictions based on the statistical nature of a language instead to that of a dictionary based predictions that we usually know as ‘T9 Dictionary’ in most of of our mobile handsets.

CleverTexting make predictions on what characters you are most likely to type next based upon what have just typed before and armed with the probabilistic statistical tables of what is actually found in the language. This is an experimental model and apparently providing excellent results in the prototype that has been built.

CleverTexting on Mobile Screen

The CleverTexting prototype when installed in mobile Java enabled device make predictions that are shown on the screen and you use the numeric keypad to make the choices, always with a single keystroke. No multitap, no mode change, no disambiguation. That user interface , with no characters fixed to the face of the numeric keypad and dynamic allocation of characters to the keys is also new and the company has applied for a patent for it.

Interestingly, CleverTexting predicts the most likely characters following what has been entered and placing them into positions easiest to reach for your thumb. Moreover, it could even change mode when held in the left hand or vice-verse.

CleverTexting is working to have a separate implementation for differing languages and locales for the most optimal performance for a user. As it is easy by just switching the statistical tables. CleverTexting has been released for the English language for the global audience and work is on for other language and script implementations.

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The same proto-type model of CleverTexting can also be used in growing touch screen phones/ device in which case you choose from the screen directly.

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  1. Whats new? Thats just a markov chain ( see wikipedia or something about that ).

    Just the implementation for this usage is new. “Noida has developed new Mobile Texting technology” is therefor exaggerated.

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