PlanzonePlanzone is a (SaaS) based collaborative project management platform and team collaboration solution launched by Netherlands based software firm Augeo Software.

Planzone provide many of innovative features and collaborative ways to manage project completion plan. With its Planzone community it provide more of the community feature using project templates and public and private database to opt and at the same time advertise, publicize and promote your company.

Planzone has also been certified and been granted sponsorship by “OSEO-Innovation”, a French public institution (under the authority of the French Ministry of Economy). Moreover, the business tool is available in Dutch, English, French, German, and Russian languages and will soon be available in more languages in future.

Planzone Template

The business tool is continuously making efforts and improvisation in application and receiving feedback and help/ support through Planzone Forum.

The free trial option when chosen provide at most 2 projects to be managed in application along with 25MB of document and file storage space with maximum of 5 users.

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