Tikitag RFID based serviceTikitag.com, which offers real world objects tagging through its RFID based tagging service that based on the concept of linking the online world with the offline ones, has now started its services in India along with its packages that includes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Readers and Tags that stick to objects.

The Tikitag package includes a USB-enabled RFID reader and 10 RFID tags, and provides access to a its community website where users can create and share new and real world tikitag applications. Applications
on offer include allowing linking of tags to URLs.

In RFID based taaging service offered by Tikitag, two main components are involved one is – Transponder i.e. ‘Tags’ that are attached to the object and the Interrogator which is ‘RFID reader’. Communication between the RFID Reader and Tags occurs wire-lessly and generally does not require a line of sight between the devices. RFID based tagging is considered as a next generation barcode and at par with QR Codes, though act differently as per technology used.

Tikitag PackageTikitag is also providing API that allows third party developers to customize the service and offer the application.

The application consists of a tikitag Application Correlation Server (ACS), which manages the link between an RFID tag and a corresponding action to be initiated. When an RFID-enabled device (PC, Mac or RFID enabled mobile phone) touches the RFID tag, it automatically connects with the Tikitag ACS. The ACS then directs the Internet-enabled device to access the respective online content and applications.

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