is a new web start-up from Delhi, India providing platform that enables users to set goals and action plans necessary to achieve those goals. It enables sharing of experience among users having similar goals. Users can share goals with only few members of their choice who can support and motivate them, or with the community at large. They can maintain regular record of their progress on the goals with help of daily or weekly journals.

Members having similar goals can come together by searching for goals tagged with relevant keywords. A user can have multiple goals and a user can authorize people of their choice to view his/her goals and comments by using the ‘authorize’ link on the Goal details page of that particular goal.

The web based application has got simple yet pretty clean interface unlike to its website though I would emphasize once more that UI could have been more better for simple reason of persuading more user base.

The app has got few interesting features with unique USP of setting/ sharing goals. The app has ‘Goal chest’ which is a summary sheet of all active goals and their corresponding action plans. It also provides option to launch a number of other functions such as Log Progress, View log, View and Edit goal.

The web start-up from Delhi in its initial phase is appreciable though have long improvement plans to be in line with best ones in year 2008. The concept, interface and USP is just right what it needs is few tweaks and tunning.

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  1. You may also want to check out yonkly. It’s the first “create your own” microblog to integrate with Twitter:

  2. Thanks, that’s a great post!

    There is another nice web app specifically designed for
    tracking goals and todo list, and time tracking, etc, it is called It’s free at

  3. That is pretty awesome.

  4. Take a look at bangalore startup


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