TarobyTaroby, a SaaS based messaging and collaboration suite from Kochi, India based software firm Advanced Millennium Technologies. Taroby enables sharing of email accounts among team members and here
“Sharing” implies that emails are accessible to all team members working on a particular assignment or project, with the possibility to assign messages directly to individual team members.

Taroby can be used online through internet browser for private and professional use, serving Clients, individuals, SME businesses, international companies and other global teams & work-groups. One can take a Test Drive of demo web app.

In company’s own words – “In traditional email clients, the inbox is a mere interface to read and write emails. Taroby however is something different: Through its innovative functions, it makes the inbox much more powerful than ever before, providing new strategies and a competitive edge to the user for working more efficiently and productively. It empowers normal inboxes with a complete work flow, task management and ticket system and thus helps organizations to holistically improve their internal and external communications. It is ideally suited for SMEs or work groups of any kind.”

Other than sharing of email accounts with others and assigning of messages to members in the team the other interesting features of Taroby to note are:

  • Access & restriction rights management (e.g. read / write / delete)
  • Attaching of comments per message (e.g. working instructions etc)
  • A complete overview of all incoming message streams (Unified Messaging: Faxes, SMS,
    E-Mail, Postal…)
  • Usage of predefined filters and rules for automatic message delivery
  • Sharing of folders, text- and design templates
  • Complete transparency and tracking of any message (who received, read, forwarded,
    answered, deleted, assigned, comments left, moved etc)
  • Free definable automations (e.g. Follow-up, email and sms reminders, send at a
    particular time/date, send after authorization and so on)
  • No installations on the client necessary.
  • Automatic updates on central server (SaaS, no need to install any upgrades on local computers in the future).
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  1. Taroby is a SaaS based e-mail collaboration application for teams or work groups, allowing teams to share e-mail accounts among your team members.Email seems to be one of the most efficient ways of business communication in our time. Now, the focus is really on enhancing email with features which are ideal for communication in a team environment. While working with traditional email in a team environment, the team manager is bound to forward a lot of emails to his team members and vice versa. By forwarding an email to one or more team mates, we actually are creating multiple copies of the same email in a) Our Sent folder b) our team mate’s inbox and c) The copies of both a and b left in the mail client’s server. This additional copies of email messages does grow exponentially when considering all the mails which are forwarded within the team, add up to the carbon emission of organization, in terms of the additional hard disc space requirements, electricity to powering and cooling these devices. Taroby works on the “green concept” of a “Team Inbox”, where every team member sees the same inbox with certain access restrictions, and there fore the need to forward the emails within the team members doesn’t arise at all. The internal communication within the organization is carried out by assigning emails to the team member by attaching notes or comments with the email. Entire team knows who is working on which mail, and can definitely contribute with their suggestions regarding any issue. Thus Taroby brings a lot of transparency to the organization and saves everyone a lot of time and energy.Taroby enables entrepreneurs to configure different department mail accounts and sharing it with the respective team members, and gets the over view of the internal communication within the organization.Taroby is thus a “green Inbox” for Enterprises.

  2. Taroby is Awesome! Using taroby helped me greatly in reducing the Information overload caused due to the huge number of unwanted mails in my inbox. It helps me prioritize my work easily. and shows me what the most important tasks are at the moment. It’s an incredibly smart application which acts as a personal assistant, who manage your mails .
    Thanks to the Taroby Team :)

  3. SaaS world. Taroby is really effective for virtual teams like ours. Taroby also has some Cool features like unified messaging, task management, calendar, calculator and many more..

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post. I’d been using Taroby, another web 2.0 application which brings in a fairly innovative concept of a “team inbox” allowing sharing of email accounts among the team members or groups. In Taroby, an email in the inbox is the “task” assigned to a team. Taroby provides facility of assigning the tasks to the team members after putting informative notes/comments about the task. Every body in the team can see this email and to whom it is assigned. Every team member has the provision to contribute to the team task, with their suggestions and take part in discussions by putting comments/notes. Each person can see all the emails in the team inbox, with higher priority set to the mails assigned to them. It has also got filtering facility through which a person can see the mails which are assigned to him. Taroby thus acts as a task management and collaboration tool, which has also got unified messaging and email sharing features. I’ve really enjoyed working with it.

  5. It is really nice for collaborative teams. Is it acccesible via iPhone?

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