dilkholkebol logoI have been over helmed by the press release submitted to IndianWeb2.com where a responsible company like Compare Infobase Ltd., a Delhi based web development and marketing company claimed to be realeasing first Microblogging site in India i.e. DilKholKeBol.com which is an outrageously false claim. Ironically, we have reviewed few of Microblogging sites in India in June this year, all of them released much earlier to DilKholKeBol.com.

In a press release submitted to IndianWeb2.com submitted by person from the company stated –

DilKholKeBol.Com is the first microblogging portal in India, this is another successful Internet initiative to be launched in 6th Decenber’2008.

Dilkholkebol.com is a platform to talk anything and everything that your heart desires! The content at dilkholkebol.com differs from a traditional blog in various ways It is more topical, smaller in aggregate file size (e.g. text, audio or video) yet carries the character of blogs, which people utilize for both business and individual reasons. Many micro-blogs provide short commentary on a person-to-person level, or share news about a company’s products and services. Dilkholkebol.com allows expression of thoughts using Roman alphabets across languages…..

false claimThe microblogging site has different to other in a way that it allows messages upto 400 characters, unlike to 140 characters is faster to register and gets into action, maintains an archive of messages posted. This miroblogging sites has nothing new to offer from its “Indian Competitors” like Kwippy.com, Snockles.com or even SMSGupShup wander how does it stands with Twitter. The UI/ Interface fall short of already existing kwippy.com and Tagg.in not to mention microblogging sites in India.

A similar plot of news broke last year when a matrimonial website self-claimed to be first web 2.0 matrimony website without knowing what exactly ‘Web 2.0’ is and what it likes to be a website known to carry its traits.

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Compare Infobase is a same company which is behind sites such as MapsofWorld.com, DGreetings.com and is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company.

Photo Credits: Karianne_Rygh

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  1. Your finding about dilkholkebol.com reveales that you do not have any idea or done your homework about the microblogging and its platform. The competitors name you have mention micro blogging has their own USP. I am a regular blogger and have found that dilkholkebol.com has been a true Indian touch and a microblogging portal with its features enticing its subscribers. It’s not that i am taking in favour of this microblogging site. I have found dilkholkebol.com changing the microblogging messaging in India as it allows allows expression of thoughts using Roman alphabets across languages and allows messages upto 400 characters. Your pervious posting against many startup has been non expressive, if you want to take milage, believe this is not the way. Anyways!!!!!!!.

    I have been tracking dilkhokebol.com for quite sometime. To keep update you since its launch a month back dilkholkebol.com has already witnessing google page rank 5 with growing users. 1) watch and upload new videos on videos.dilkholkebol.com ; 2) Make ur own circle with Guru Chela ; 3) If your blog is too lengthy don’t worry u will be redirected on Bolejaa.com automatically ; 4)Change Your face with our icons ; 5) Add More Photos in your profile ; 6) Mobile Interface with more user friendly environment (Using dictionary and other fetaures, these are some of the few and many more are on the way….. I found this platform by the Indian, for the Indian in India.

  2. Hi People (DilkholkeBol),

    Its good that DilKholKeBol is doing something in Microblogging arena of India, but tell me is it ‘True’ that it is FIRST MICROBLOGGING SITE IN INDIA???…. and adding word “Platform” …what exactly does the site mean by this, is dilkholkebol providing any API for developers or any functionality for third party Applications to embed in the site.??? let me know if it do …believe me I would be happy if its doing so. we always look for web startup that has caliber to stand against any other web startup across the globe.

    Also to be professional and to grow its sometime good to take criticism and work on loop holes and improvise the things.

    If you are a DilholKeBol user thanks for using an Indian Startup instead of Twitter, Jaiku or Tumblelog, would be happy if anyone from Compare could come forward and shed their any offensive feelings over my post on DilKholkeBol.

    Also, what blog-URL you blog on people? as you have mentioned that you are a regular blogger and can you help me in finding out any Indian micrblogging site that is providing API for developers and one more question does Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn provide any microblogging feature?? Help me out in finding out some of these my Home-Work questions over “Microblogging & Its Platform”.

    Best of Luck

  3. Hi Vardaan,

    Have chill pill, hope nothing is smoky!

    I am not People (dilkholkebol.com) thas the first correction, my id is “People” , please do not sabotage my ID :-)

    Its true or not, it would be you who would be speaking it out anyway. This site is just a blogging environment for me nothing more than that. As far as the home-work is concern, self help is the best help to learn. Not much time to share with you on microbloging and its platform, its still a ongoing process. Everyday is a self-learning for everyone here on net.

    So Enjoy!!!!

  4. Hey Vardaan.. You shouldn’t be replying to such comments, see what Mich Arrington of TechCrunch or even Amit of Labnol.org do when they review startups on their Blogs. Be a serious pro-blogger, loved ur others reviews and findings on IW2

    @People, You seems to be a guy from the website itself or guy who did SEO of it..thats y showing it PR ;) …and also the design of website is broken and doesn’t look par with others. Lastly I love Twitter nothing more, short n sweet URL and try greasemonkey scripts with it ..you wud love it too for SEO/ marketing.

  5. True..would keep in mind hereafter …and Thanks for appreciating IW2 posts/ review

  6. I like the way you post your articles. You ought to write more so that you can share more of your thoughts with your readers. Keep it up. Write more on this post please.

  7. twitter and others are no doubt nice, but I always wanted to bring in a concept to microblogging !

    I hereby post a Review-Request for http://www.emote.in ,

    A microblogging service; which is a platform to –
    1. Make yourself heard, comment on news, stories and current affair.
    2. Share your experiences, memories and events with your friends and family.
    3. Connect with different people with similar emotional attributes as yours.
    (eg: if attrocities on animals make you sad, connect with others who share the same feeling)
    4. Jot-down your experiences. You usually have so many things to say – a constant stream of thoughts, comments and observations running through your head continuously.
    5. Last but not the least, has everything (and much more) that twiiter has.

    6. A wonderful timeline coming shortly (in few weeks)


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