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Ghajini is one big thing these days among hindi movie freaks and the producers and a digital marketing company for the first time in India has come up with such kind of plan. With few user-involving online promoting tools and websites Ghajini makers are reaping the benefits of web and internet.

The trick is its engaging official website – to create maximum visibility for the movie. However in addition to the extraordinary website are the two viral application cum websites (below) that grip the user and give him an experience like the movie, over the Internet.

The creators of Ghajini and Hungama took this initiative to attract the online audience to the theatres. Exclusive videos of Aamir Khan have been shot and used for the so called viral application In this application, the user plays the lead role of movie which is played by actor Aamir Khan and tries to find Ghajini through the clues provided. After the user finds a clue, he/ she is given a hint about where one might find the next one. After one finds all the clues, the user needs to dial a phone number on which one can hear Aamir Khan talking to them.


In other viral app cum website In users can upload their own photograph or that of their friends, much like the Aamir Khan’s wall of suspects in the film. Once they have done so, they receive a code which is required to view the entire wall of suspects.

The websites & tools are brought via Hungama, an aggregator, developer and publisher of Indian entertainment content. The makers of Ghajini with Hangama are capitalizing the potential of the web along with Hungama to create maximum visibility for the film

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