Below is the list of new and few good Search engines or portals that serve search results in quite different way or in a different niche and that could be quite worthy to use in conjunction with major search engines.

DeepDyve – This is latest search engine which don’t want to call itself as just another search engine and claim to provide rich, relevant search results along with professional, high-caliber sources. Though require sign-in, I find it very useful when you want just relevant results in short time.


Viewzi – This is kind of visual tool to search info, content, news, photos, videos, songs in number of enjoyable visually manipulated ways. Its a flash based search service and one would love to browse and drill down in its search especially its own Google Timeline news search.

Kosmix – Its more like a Aggregator of search results fetched from different top sources most of them being user generated content such as Digg, Fark, Yahoo Buzz, etc. Kosmix has been started by an Indian entrepreneur and present content/ search results to users in much organized way. A search portal worth to use.

TineEye Reverse Image Search – TinEye is not so new reverse image search engine i.e. give it an image and it will tell you where the image appears on the web. It also offer plugins for Firefox & IE.

SocialMention – Its a new social media search engine that lets you search comments, bookmarks and microblogs as separate results see the SocialMention review to find more about same.

Shufs – A Search portal dedicated to search files at file sharing websites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, Badongo and zShare. A similar site is

Domize – For domain name search this is one of the coolest search spot to find the domain you are looking for even if you dont want to buy one, its still worthy to play with. The Results are shown with a visually nice effect and with combinations of letters you have typed in. One can also look for domain via their iPhones with its Domize iPhone App.

This Questions/ Answers search engine has been recently launched in Indian startup arena to browse question & answers, FAQs. Read this web startup’s review for more information.

Navigaya – This is nearly a next-gen search portal or say search engine+portal+RIA+web 2.0 app+ more. Navigaya has been launched in September this year and is a search engine cum “browser based browser”, flash technology based portal website/ online media center. (…Navigaya review)

RefSeek – Its a search engine for researchers, students, academicians, scientist and education related people. This reference search engine in beta search over billion documents including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers.

Serph – Serph is a search engine that one can use to find out what people are saying on the web space. Its like finding web pages similar to contain the term search in Google, difference being – its not google and comes with additional results.

Cyclops – Its a royalty free stock photography search engine, it simply put results of the most popular stock sites to one location, as cyclops search results.

Mix Turtle – Its a music search engine where one can search for English songs as well as create & search playlists too.

Zudos Search

Zudos – Zudos is people power search that allows you to search what everyday, people and the media have to say about any desired topic, keyword or your website/ blog. The results include web-pages, tags, bookmarks, videos, podcasts and tagged photos.

2lingual – This is search engine with language translation of search results in any two chosen language of 35 different available languages. Seattle, Washington based 2lingual makes it possible for users to bilingually search the Web, videos, and wikipedia.


RadioBeta – Its a new radio search portal that let one search radio stations/ channels as per genre as well as refine by geographical location. visit India radios for radio stations from India.

Vizzl – This is is a Visual Search tool portal that lets you search for Amazon, Ebay and YouTube for movies, music or books or videos respectively in highly customizable manner and visually appealing results in its flash based UI.

FaceSearch – Simply search people face pictures from public profiles of different sources such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Joongel – Its a search portal that in turn search Top 10 search sources in each category, say for any Music search it will search Top 10 sites of Music category i.e. Last.FM,, Grooveshark, Songza, Jogli and 5 more. – A mobile search startup from India incubated at IIM Bangalore, see review here

PDFGeni – As name says it searches PDF books and docs over the web and got simple and clean layout search results with direct links to PDFs.

Woonz MP3 Search – Its pretty good audio search engine to find MP3 audio files and create/ embed playlists. allows to search by artist/band name or track name or any audio file you want.

IM BroadCast – Its a video search portal for Internet marketers, SEOs and categories include Google SEO, Keyword research, Adwords, social media or other niche market videos etc. See review



  1. Wow, its a great list. Thanks for such an information.

  2. There’s another search engine that’s worth checking out –

  3. ActiveSearch, launched b y Indiatimes 58888 is a one-stop shop for intelligent mobile internet search solutions. And it’s easy as pie to use, the users can search for relevant content on a GPRS-enabled handset as well as on SMS. The application provides open platform to third-party content providers, advertisers, and affiliates to promote their services directly to the end users. The search engine also generates contextual advertising.

    Check it out type on your mobile browser – or just sms ASKMM to 58888.

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