Nowdays, with plenty of application coming in such as photo editors, browsers with bunch of plug-ins, download manager, iTunes, DreamWeaver Video editing s/w, all running at same time could well be managed with more than good memory (RAM) i.e. >2GB but what if its lacking primary memory capacity and that too on Vista machine you might end up pressing ctrl+alt+DEL and starting task manager to end one or more processes.

Process Manager (Windows) is small utility for same problem where you can just right click on any application in taskbar and say “Kill” to end the unwanted or programs putting burden over memory and can even prioritize the process like – High, Normal, Above Normal, Below Normal or Low.

process manager

Although one also do the same by starting task manager and right-clicking to see the options – high, normal, low but this utility provides more options with more ease and accessibility by just right clicking the window tab instead of waiting for task manager to open.

Thanks Arif Ali Saiyed

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