is a new startup from Pune that let users view the streets with driving like experiences and can also let them share, find and explore their favorite places online. One thing to clear here in this application is that it has nothing to do with Google maps or its API support. Its completed independent application., however in contrast to Google maps actually capture the street images of cities in India and render them in an interface (ActiveX control) that closely resembles the experience of actually driving a car through the streets. At present the service is for Pune city only. App

The application comes in online version and anticipating for release of its desktop version and is very much in testing phase as the app works only on Internet Explorer 6+ and Windows along with few issues with Windows Vista. Although Firefox users can alternatively use IE tab plugin in Firefox for experiencing in Firefox.

This imagery application also encourage user community base to share information through flags and photos on the application street view along with advertising option and listing business on respective street that is being viewed over application.

Although, there has been one more Indian startup Mapunity, a GIS/ MIS and mobile based technology company that provide a ‘real time’ traffic details in form of Maps in contrast to which has driving snapshots of streets instead and not ‘maps’.

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  1. As mentioned in this post, the desktop beta version for XP/Vista is released and available for download on

  2. now has street imagery of Panchgani, the famous hill station near Mahabaleshwar.

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