funpiper which we have reviewed in List of Microblogging services in India has now released the mobile messaging distribution platform for event planning for users residing in India. The primary goal behind the mobile launch is to enable users to do quick event planning with friends and family members with focus on quick and assured communication due to widespread reach of mobile phones in India.

Moreover, as a result of Twitter effect in India, is planning to integrate user’s funpiper accounts with their twitter account. With this, users get a dual benefit of broadcasting event proceedings via SMS not only on their event pages but also on their twitter pages.

With latest release, users could collaborate and communicate about their events to their friends and family members by sending SMS invitations and messages from their personalized event pages for free. Invitees could respond to the invitations by sending RSVP in SMS from their mobile phones. Invitees can send their views and suggestions in SMS from their mobile phones. These messages will appear on the personalized event page.

This feature could be used to broadcast the event live on the day of event when moderator and invitees send the live event proceedings from their mobile phones.

With this launch, as apparent in press release sent to, becomes India’s first portal that adopts mobile messaging for collaborative event planning.

Going apart from the latest work/ release from, one thing that I notice and feel extremely awkward when it comes to websites/ apps from India is – the UI (User Interface) which looks poor in case of Funpiper and the list is crowded among Indian Startups, even when its about ‘Company logo’ Funpiper website can be seen as blurred text on top of website.

Any Indian web startup must consider how it present itself to users across the web, user wouldn’t notice your development coding and logic behind the website or application but the UI, look-n-feel. Why websites in India are lacking behind in this aspect of web development.

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