We all know about the today’s unfortunate and most frightening terrorist attack ever in Mumbai, India. This is most talk about incident on web this year as well whether its news any blog/ website.

Bloggers in India are sad, aghast and in pain of agony with this kind of attack on humanity within such short span of time in India. Bloggers in India came with helping hand for public in a way what they could they do with their blogs no matter what their blogs talk about whether technology, business, sports etc.

A blog Mumabi Help come up with helpline numbers and list of Death & Injuries in this unfortunate incident, another Mumbai Metblog is asking readers to donate blood to injured people in attack by providing the telephone no. of hospitals.

As per Reuters – within five seconds at 0748 GMT, 80 messages were posted on microblogging site Twitter about the incident updates. Moreover a new profile mumbaiattack as has been created on twitter in just 5 hours of incident on 26th November,08. The Google map has been setup as well of places of incident on map.

SAJA (South Asian Journalists Association) launched a series of live webcasts on this incident at blogtalkradio.com/saja covering 90-minute reports.

Evenmore tech blogs like TechCrunch & GiagaOm remain untouched by this horrified event.

To the people of Mumbai and India this would be among most unforgettable and unfortunate incident they have ever went through, though still perpetual at time of writing this post (23rd hour of Incident).

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  1. It was indeed a horrific incident which changed a lot of things for us a citizens as well. For the first time we are able to see a citizens movement against our olitical babus and their vain gameplans which do nothing for our good but to fill their own coffers.

    The prime reason for this attack and indeed all such attacks is that our elected leaders are too busy in theri routines of making the fast buck and keeping the vote banks. Rest can go to hell is their call.

    Our country is facing an acute lawlessness from our elected leaders which needs to change. Its a desperate situation. Lets hope they will change. Else we are the next lambs of terror


  2. Each one of us now has a way to channel our anger and frustration into something positive to help those whose lives have been shattered by these attacks.

    Click on the link below to make a secure online donation to the victims from anywhere in the world.


    Let’s show these people that they haven’t been forgotten!

  3. One of my friend has lost his life. Anyway Thanks to our jawaan.


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