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TuneSpray: Create & Share Mobile content/ Apps with ease


TuneSprayTunespray is yet another mobile start-up from India and let less computer savvy users to makes it possible to create and deliver mobile applications and rich content containing pictures, text, audio and links to the Internet, in a matter of minutes rather than weeks. No programming knowledge is required and the service works across all the main operators in India and abroad.

To access TuneSpray one can access it via their Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts. The service offers endless possibilities for a wide range of applications for both consumers and enterprises such as downloadable movies, city guides, event promotions or simply generate user-created content to share private interactions such as mobile birthday card.

The basic access to this Web-based application is free and is supported by advertisements. A user has to pay a subscription fee to access some of the advanced features.

TuneSpray, a product startups from India is located at the EKTA incubation centre in Kolkata, and is supported by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development board, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and West Bengal University of Technology.

As in alpha testing phase, TuneSpray is live with some of its features which is yet to arrive/ release such as links to web or webpage and or ther feedback, requested feature that could get inculcated, I would sugest them to include adding feeds/ RSS from any website and mixing them up to create an mobile app in their news category.

Tunespray also working with some of the leading musicians and artistes in Kolkata and Chennai to create and promote music though customized mobile applications on a revenue-share basis.

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  1. Hmmm Tunespray ! sounds good I’ll wait for it. I am very much interested in sharing my mobile content with me friends, I think TuneSpray will make it wasy ;)

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