LifeSnapzLifeSnapz enables people to capture and explore life events with photos, videos, timelines and maps, and share these events with friends, family and other trusted groups. With interactive LifeSnapz users can organize, manipulate, find and share their own life events within user defined groups with customizable timelines, interactive maps and tags.

Nominated for Open Web awards, LifeSnapz have used almost every media type any user can ever captured their life events in. Users can use LifeSnapz as a Individual user or as a group, company, organization or institution to enable them to organize/ share their histories, events and memorable moments in interactive ways.

LifeSnapz users can even share their photos and videos from third party site apart from their own computers and for this the website has chosen intelligently ace performers in both of these, Flickr & Picassa for photos and YouTube & for videos.

The website has also appreciatively taken a good care of privacy while sharing ones online content with any users or groups such as ‘read-only’ members who can view events in the group and add comments to events, but cannot edit events, add new events or invite other members to the group.

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