creADivitycreADivity is a new Indian web startups offering CrowdSourcing in India and in its own word technology-based platform for people from creative & niche markets such as designers, advertising, marketing, professional designs artists, freelancers along with a place where organizations, especially SMEs (small and medium enterprises), can get innovative solutions to their advertising and marketing related problems.

creADivity has, within it, a marketplace which brings potential clients in touch with creative enthusiasts such as management and design students, free-lancers, professional designers and artists. The creatives can also collaborate among themselves using custom built professional networking tools made available to them by creADivity. is TiE-EAP venture better known as Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program (EAP) of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). On revenue model side creADivity charges 15% from what creative people, freelancers, artists make money on the site while prices for companies, SMEs looking for services from creaAdivity ranges from humble 3000 INR to 20000 INR and the services includes communication campaigns, logo designs, web designs, poster designs, corporate stationary and other relevant industry based marketing services.

As per concept i.e. ‘CrowdSourcing‘ on global scale its already catching up in other corners of world with bunch of websites catering similar kind of services, one very recent one is CrowdSpring a platform for creative people to offer their services.

creADivity is a first of its kind platform atleast in India to bring the enterprises and creatives at same forum and produce an environment of competitiveness. Unlike most other creative/advertising platforms like Behance etc where the enterprises and creatives handshake happens based on bidding (pricing) and portfolio based screening, creADivity brings a unique advantage of competitions for selection thereby removing any chances of customer dissatisfaction or plagiarism. Also it aims to become an engine for an end to end advertising & creative service provider unlike most others who fill in one or two blocks of the entire chain.

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