Advertisement is India’s online video sharing portal, that allows members to “look, load and share” videos. Founded in January 2008 its a free video portal that allows people to see, load and share their favorite videos, users can register for free to upload, tag and share videos worldwide. The web startups are being launched from the same group responsible for job portal

Users can also find friends and join to create video groups to connect with people who have similar interests. Users can customize their own favorites and play lists. They can set videos to public or private to share with friends and family, nevertheless as apparent the videos served at even its home page are not filtered for safe viewing, one could easily find the objectionable, adult video content and thats too 8 out of 10 kind of quantity through out the portal which should otherwise ask for some family filter or behind some kind of age verification page.

In a similar fashion to YouTube the site Funwall too have sections such as channels, Community along with friends and games as different to former one. Videos uploaded to portal are user generated though syndicated from one or more videos sites.

Indian online video sharing portals are few and if exist share one or other website model in terms of form of content such as videos along with either forum, networking, blogs or news material etc. but for a purely video driven site, a web startup must consider its usability, user base ethics and sensitive issues such as adult or porn material/ content not served very openly.

I would praise in this scenario who despite of offering 18+ content, do not reveal it as publicly by default i.e. without any family filter or age verfication.

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  1. Good site….I love the funny video of ‘Dedicated to Football’


  2. I liked the logo and simplicity. Proud to know that a video site dedicated to indians all over the world…..

    I too suggest some adult filter or age confirmation as described the author to warn the people viewing adult content.

    Gud luck

  3. Yes good looking.. & simple… but there is lot porn content…

  4. Clean and Crisp!!!

    Thanks a lot for those who launched…Apart from the fun and entertainment, I would also suggest the users and webmaster to upload the successful indians videos (ex: Chandrayan….Abdulkalam Speeches……and Kalpana Chawla etc… who give a lots of zeal…..)

    Jai Hind


  5. Hi
    Jaywanth Dameja

    Thanks for u r Kind Comment on this Site .Keep Watching it.


  6. Amazing name and color and web out fit.

    Little Desi touch and Fun stuff…would do a magic!

    I too wish for my fellow Indians who launched

    My caption…..Stick your videos and girl friends!!!!


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